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Web Design & Development

Designing from your needs

A website plays a very crucial role in the marketing of a company. In today’s times, it has become the face of a company. It is the main means of connecting with your potential customers.

We at Pote Inc offer a diverse range of custom-built websites, web portals and web applications. With the help of the state of art technology, we promise to provide you with advanced frameworks and proven methodologies, thereby ensuring that our solutions are long-term and scalable.

Our talented team works towards creating a unique web design with an interactive user interface and user experience that gives your business an edge over your competitors.

We aim to design fully responsive websites with an amazing user interface that works well with different kinds of screen resolutions regardless of the browsing device.

Attractive website design means lesser bounce rates, which will, eventually, compel the visitors to become your regular customers.

Our front-end and back-end developers are highly proficient in developing websites as per international standards.

With the help of our years of experience, Pote Inc offers personalised web design and development solutions to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Our USP:
  • The interactive user interface which adapts to different screen resolutions.
  • Fully responsive websites with smooth navigation.
  • We try to understand your business objectives and target market and work accordingly to create a website.
  • We create feature-rich apps with hassle-free cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device functionality.
  • We create websites that are at par with international standards.


Your clients will love shop with you

Pote Inc offers you a wide range of e-commerce development services, starting from designing to development, up-gradation, migration, marketing as well as maintenance.

We create websites using software like Magento, Shopify, Opencart, among others that give high conversion rates along with high return on investment.

Our creative team of website developers has extensive experience in creating a user-friendly shopping cart and guide you in understanding how to promote and increase sales.

We identify the right open-source model according to your business requirements and customise it accordingly.

From theme development to premium template integration and shopping cart customisation to module integration, we suggest perfect e-commerce web development solutions within your budget.

With a user-friendly CMS, you will be able to easily manage your website right from uploading images or products, product descriptions, pricing, inventory as well as creating content. We create responsive and easy to use websites to provide easy online shopping cart solutions.

We use the latest technologies to create the finest e-commerce websites.

We also offer our customers with the hassle-free payment gateway services for your website that helps in the safe and secure payment process.

Our USP:
  • Attractive eCommerce themes.
  • Mobile-ready shopping cart with a responsive user interface.
  • SEO-friendly websites so that they can be found easily on search engines./li>
  • You will be a part of the entire development process right from start to the testing and launching.
  • A comprehensive solution for your eCommerce website.
  • Complete commitment to quality and delivery according to the timeline.
  • Effective communication will be provided at all levels of development.

Strategy & Consulting

Customised for your business

Pote Inc is a result-oriented digital marketing firm that creates online marketing strategy and roadmap for its client to help them grow their business and generate new leads.

Our aim is not just to bring traffic to your website but also create your brand reputation. At first, our digital marketing strategy consultants know about your business, capabilities and goals and then help them optimise their digital marketing strategy globally.

Digital marketing strategy doesn’t rely on luck. An effective digital marketing strategy can take a brand to the all-new level with a practical, actionable design. It should be flexible enough to connect instantly to potential customers.

Entrepreneurs are rapidly adapting to different marketing channels available. These channels help in analysing your customers’ choices and identify the target audience, with a strong digital marketing plan.

Before planning the marketing campaign, we try to identify:
  • The company’s objectives.
  • Their target audience .
  • The values it stands for.

Then we devise a strategy to ensure we get profitable results and high return on investment. We try to create a roadmap that includes best practises coupled with higher results.

These practises include:
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social media optimisation.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Online branding and brand management.
  • Lead generation.

Then we decide on the best social media channel to promote your brand on and accordingly allocate budget. We analyse the performance numbers to understand the ROI for the business.

Hosting & Security

Fast and reliable hosting

Working on a project but can’t get through the complex web hosting? Pote Inc’s web hosting advisors are at your service to help you get an ideal solution.

Through our web hosting and security services, we will help your firm to make your websites accessible on the World Wide Web.

We not only help our clients manage their servers at affordable prices without adding an extra burden on your budget but also provide a highly secured and fast cloud for data storage, thus allowing your website to run smoothly and safely.

It provides complete ease, scalability and security against online attacks that are increasing at a fast pace these days.

For startups with budget constraints, shared hosting will be the most economical way of having a great hosting for your website.

Since shared hosting has several sites on the same server, one can get access to quality hosting without spending a lot of money on it

This kind of hosting is best suited for blogs, online stores and database-driven sites. It helps you to host your websites or run a WordPress blog on it.

Our main objective is to relieve our client from the stress of managing their servers.

Our dedicated team of web hosting experts will help you to choose the right domain name for your website, which complements the name and the nature of your business.

Pote Inc offers the best web hosting service that allows your website to deliver the finest performance of all times.


Streamline your business

In the current business environment, where a firm uses advanced technologies to improve productivity and at the same time manage the needs and requirements of a client, integration plays a very important role at this point.

And to fulfil that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is becoming very popular. ERP is a business methodology that integrates various operations of an organisation.

It helps in integrating business processes like management, planning, product design, production, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, HR and Maintenance to ensure smooth functioning and increased the productivity of any firm.

The ERP software is used by organisations to manage daily operations in an organised manner and promote seamless workflow. It helps in providing visibility and efficiency in every aspect of the business.

If implemented in the right way, it can open new pathways for business improvement by removing various growth barriers. It increases scalability and helps in adding new functionalities to the system, according to the changing requirements of the company.

Benefits of an ERP system: Though it requires a little higher investment, making it at the right time can take your business to new heights. Here are the benefits of an ERP app:
  • It helps in increasing the efficiency of the organisation by eliminating repetitive processes and manual entry of information.
  • It helps in making more accurate projections, thereby helping the business make realistic and profitable estimates.
  • ERP helps in improving the scalability of the business. It helps in maintaining a centralised database of different departments, thereby keeping it consistent, real-time and accurate.

Pote Inc's integrations team has the experience and expertise to guide you in running your business in the right way.

Mobile Solutions

Go mobile with your business

With the world going digital, there has been an influx of various kinds of mobile apps, be it for Android, Windows or iOS.

These smart apps help businesses in building long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

Our talented team of developers work 24x7 to create high-end, innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile apps.

With the help of different tools and state-of-art technologies we create customised applications, which are powerful and scalable for all kinds of devices.

From simple to large-scale enterprise, we will provide all kinds of mobile app solutions.

We try to create mobile websites with enhanced user interface and user experience that has faster loading time, hassle-free browsing and mobile assets that are responsive to different screen resolutions.

Our focus is to create the best mobile apps that not only attract potential customers but also engage them in the best way possible. We make sure that your app gets a higher market penetration and makes itself visible to win over new users.

We will help you in improving the visibility, by optimising it for searches on the app store. In-Depth research goes into finding relevant keywords and descriptions.

We promise to create unique and customised plans that cater to the requirements of the clients.

Our USP:
  • Impressive track record of successful campaigns and satisfied clients.
  • A comprehensive range of services for the smooth mobile app marketing process.
  • A certified and committed team of professionals.
  • Expertise in creating apps for iPhone, Android, Windows.
  • Follow the quality benchmark.
  • Our services are competitively priced.

Post Launch Support

Drive your app to success

Wondering what to do after the launch of your mobile app to make it successful? Don’t let your website get lost in the space of the World Wide Web. We at Pote Inc can help boost your marketing efforts and make the Internet do wonders for you.

Launching an app requires a lot of hard work, but how to let it sustain is, even more, is challenging.

There is always a scope of improvement and allow it to grow. That’s where our Post Launch services come to your rescue. It takes a lot of strategic planning and a clear vision to understand how they will sustain.

Monitoring and measuring the success of the app requires you to study the app from every angle you can think of.

The vision for a mobile app should go far beyond its inception and far beyond its launch.

It is really important to look at the sustainable needs, maintenance, and longevity of the app from a holistic point of view. The developer has to look 3-6 months ahead, into the future, to identify the goals and objectives.

After the launch of the app, we keep track of its success metrics, KPI’s and both short and long-term goals. We also follow the real-time behaviour of the product.

We keep trying to keep a tab on the future by creating a product roadmap that includes plans to add new features with the changing time like enhancing the user experience, API/service optimisations, and any other enhancements that are the app may require in future.

A/B Testing

Improve Your Conversions Rates

The process of A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a web page, email, or other marketing assets with just one varying element. Pote Inc has an experienced team of people who can do A/B testing.

The most important aspect of A/B testing service is that we can handle everything from test strategies to test design plus implementation and analysis so that your website attracts more traffic and gives a higher return on investment (ROI).

We undertake vigorous website testing along with conversion rate optimisation with the help of highly skilled professionals. We will understand the complex details of your business and then pick on the best practices in terms of A/B testing.

Why is A/B testing important:
  • A/B testing helps in boosting the marketers’ intuition with the help of hard data derived.
  • It helps in eliminating guesswork from the website design.
  • It helps in identifying the most suitable design and content for your website.
  • It helps in diversifying the conversion rate of the incoming traffic on the website.
  • It helps in choosing the best industry practices when it comes to digital marketing.
  • The data derived from A/B testing provides in-depth insights for strategic planning.
  • It helps in discovering new patterns of usage, creative designs and various other things that will add to the scalability of the website, over some time.
  • A/B testing needs a considerable amount of manual handling for experiments, data collection, analysis, to frame a strategy.

We at Pote Inc create customised structures for each client with latest tools, consulting and strategy development.